Refund response - if client provides laconic answer to initial questions

            Before we issue a refund, it's our policy to ask a few questions in order to - 

            1) make sure it's a misunderstanding of the program
            2) see if we can help make the program easier for you
            3) learn and better our program with your feedback.

            So I would really appreciate if you can answer me just a few question that could really help. 

            1) The active account management is only in the first 3 months for about 20min and than once a quarter for 15min. Is that what you don't like? those little touch points? 

            2) If you prefer to invest most of your time in lead-generation remotely (not talking with clients), we could connect you with a uCard member that likes to do Telesales mainly and is looking to partner with a lead generator. This will reduce you amount of work and let you focus on what you like to do. Is this interesting for you?

            3) What's your current business? if you do several things (e.g. lead generation and eCommerce) please let us know. 

            I would super appreciate your answer. 
            Updated: 10 Apr 2019 07:25 PM
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