How do I bill customers for the services and solutions we offer such as campaigns

            1. In your Members Area you will go to the Marketing Tools section
            2. Click on the uFb GotU Sales Tool and login with the credentials you received. 
            3. Create a campaign 
            4. When clicking SAVE in the Sales Tools checkout screen you'll be diverted back to your Members Area to pay for the campaign according to the parameters you set for the campaign in the Sales Tool. 
            5. You can pay for the campaign yourself or with your client CC. You may also send your client an online secure invoice via the members area. 
            6. One the campaign is paid for it will be submitted to GotU.
            7. You will be able to see and manage your campaign in the GotU management Tool which you will also access via the Marketing Tools section in your Members Area. 

            Packages Pricing 
            All pricing in the Sales Tool are retail prices.

            Learn more about pricing, packages and your share of the revenue by watching the uFB training in your Members Area. 

            Updated: 21 Feb 2019 12:33 AM
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