How do I onboard myself to the uFB/GotU program?

            You are  able to order a special GotU lead-gen campaign for your business, directly from the Members Area. 

            All the members that opted in, on the Google sheet, to have GotU do a campaign, as well as all other UPA members, please use this process to order the campaigns. 

            In your Members Area on the left navigation bar:
            • Got to 'Marketing Tools'
            • Click on 'GotU Lead Campaign'
            • Click 'New'

            Following the ordering process you will be contacted via email by GotU within 48 hours to start running the campaign. 

            Unlike clients' campaigns, your campaigns are handled manually by GotU and via their management tools as you're getting special prices and packages

            Updated: 19 Mar 2019 09:43 AM
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