Do it yourself optimization

            For any campaign, the following do-it-yourself optimization steps, would increase call volume:
            • Please see if you indeed included all service provided by the client (the more services the better)
            • Please includ the General Category. General category will included your CATEGORY keywords from google, minus all the service you have not checked. So don't worry, as service you HAVE NOT checked will be suppressed from the campaign.
            • Location/locations - is indeed as wide as possible by the client to cover (the larger the area, the bigger the population, the more clients we'll be able to send).
            • Ask the client if possible to extend Office hours beyond 5pm (e.g. up to 8pm) and into the weekend. We see more people call after hours.
            • Make sure you're bidding as suggested in the Pricing Sheet in the Pricing & Billing section of your training area. (You can always reduce the bid later).
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