Connecting a Hong Kong bank account to Umbrella receive payments

            How do I enter my bank account details?

            A Hong Kong bank account number consists of up to 15 digits, in three components:

            • Bank code or clearing code: three digits
            • Branch code: three digits
            • Account number: six to nine digits long (varies from bank to bank), including a hyphen

            Be sure to enter your bank account number with a hyphen, even if it is displayed without a hyphen on your bank statement.

            I entered my bank account number as "004-406-789789-89" or "406-789789-89"—why isn’t this working?

            In this case, you have included the bank code or branch code, or both, in your account number. Hong Kong banks often append the branch code to the account number. To identify and remove the non-account digits, you can:

            • Check your bank statement or wire instructions.
            • Check this list of Hong Kong bank and branch codes.
            • Double-check the branch address against this list, and make sure it matches.
            • Contact your bank to double-check your account details. (For example, the same address might have multiple branch codes.)

            What is the beneficiary name and what should I enter?

            It is important that the beneficiary name and type on your account—that is, the personal or business entity—match the name and type associated with your HKD bank account. (Some bank branches will reject transfers containing mismatching data.) Specifically:

            If your Stripe legal entity is a sole proprietorship or an individual, you must attach an individual bank account with your personal legal name as the beneficiary name.

            If your Stripe legal entity is a corporation or a partnership, you must attach a business bank account with the business name as the beneficiary name.
            Updated: 27 Jan 2019 02:52 PM
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